This is a game for the VimJam. The game jam focused on a collectibles game, which means the player must've something to collect. And the theme is There and Back.

The goal is to collect gems before the timer runs out or you're trapped in the mine forever!!! However, the mine is really dark and you have to be careful or you'll fall. Luckily, you have your helmet flashlight to guide your way.

Development log


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Nice cute little game... two things i just want to point out:
1. You don't need the flashlight at all.. if you look at your screen from up above then you can see the entier map very clean!
2. As others also pointed out.. you don't know how many gems you have, so you can just press the buy buttons until you can't buy more :)

Liked the game very much! Nice work!

nice! I like the idea very much, it's got a simple yet pleasing asthetic. The use of the mouse plus keyboard movement felt very clean.

What a simple yet great game! I liked the whole miner setting and returning to your miners lift for the there and back theme. Good job! Like one comment said though, i did not know how many gems i had to spend so i just smashed the buttons until i couldn't buy more haha.

Pretty good game, guess we are both construct bois huh?


Fun game! One thing is I couldn't see how many gems I had collected in the shop?