This is a game for the Lospec Jam 1.

You are a town builder and found a good place to build a small town. You decided to build houses, some flowers, bridges, and paths to make a wonderful house. But make sure you be careful because you only have $10k in your bank account. Good luck in managing your money.

The game will be played in 240 x 135 px, therefore it is highly recommended to click on the fullscreen button to get a better view of the game when playing it.

This game has custom inputs, so read this before you play.

D-PAD -> Arrow Keys

A button -> Space

B button -> Left Alt

Start button -> Enter


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WOW i totally love this game would love it if you could add other blocks and could choose your decoration and get money if more people stay except that this game is a absolute killer great job!!

Choosing decorations is definitely something I would add when I updated it. Other blocks, I don't think I can. I'm not a good builder and I have absolutely no idea what else to build on a 12x12 px size. Getting money, nah. This game is about relaxing and enjoying building your own town with a limited amount of money. So, yeah. 1 out of 3 ideas will be added in the future.

no problem that was the main thing im looking forward lol