This is a game for the Ludum Dare 50 with the theme Delay the Inevitable. Happy 20th anniversary!

You are a space marine, in charge of going around the galaxy collecting research on forgotten alien tech, until your ship malfunctions and crash-lands into an unknown planet.
The planet is inhabited by strange hostile beings, creatures who feast upon the living. Upon the planet lies a pillar which the creatures have begun sacrificing themselves to, causing a wave of energy to erupt around the planet and a huge charge coming from the pillar itself, whatever it's charging is definitely not good.
You and your laser cannon will do whatever it takes in order to stop these beings from fueling the obelisk as sacrifices while also delaying this mysterious pillar from charging. You know that it will be fully charged once you leave the planet, and it's impossible to stop it from going off. The only thing you can do is delay it while hoping you won't be near it when it inevitably activates, for the ominous signs inscribed on it, claim that it is unstoppable.


Mouse hover for aiming

Left Mouse Button for shooting

WASD for moving the player


Programmer: TheGamer

Artist and Animator: Darkaos

GUI Artist: TheGamer

Musician and Sound Designer: TheGamer


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