This game is made for the Dev League Round 3.

You play as a plumber who is stuck inside a room with a pipe. Out of nowhere, the pipe began leaking a lot of water. As a plumber, you need to contain the water in the pipe or else you will get contained by a lot of water in that room. However, the only tool you have is an unlamented amount of empty water bottles. Utilize and contain the water as much as you can.

The only control is mouse. It's like a point-and-click game. You click and move, while interact at the same time.

Music obtained from OpenGameArt:


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It's a simple but very entertaining game, the control are not difficult, but it give you a good gameplay with such a simple control, that's a very easy to learn. It's a fresh idea and fun too, to be a plumber. I just wish there are more level.