This is a game for KikeGamer987123 from the Secret Santa Jam.

Let's have a party time! Play along with a friend of yours as you play in one of the eight maps from three different minigames; grab them all, race, and stay alive. 

This game is played using the XBox Controllers only. Use the left analog to move the characters and press the A button to jump up.

The game is playable on the website only at first, but there will be .exe files in the future.


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How do you you move around the main menu

This game is playable only using Xbox controllers and I hypotesize you tried to play it with keyboard. That won't work.

oh ok thank you

Thank you so much! It was really fun to play. The gamemodes were very varied and exciting. My only feedback is to adjust the spawn location of the fruits; they are sometimes unreachable. Thanks again! Loved it.