This game is made for the GeoJam 2022 with the theme, Pick A Side.

You play as a square and your goal is to jump to the top of the tower. The game is similar to Jump King, but with a twist. Colors matter in the game. Remember that!

This game is fully created by TheGamer.

Btw, there's a secret key somewhere in the main menu. It's in one of the board. Good luck finding the Easter egg I put intentionally :D

I'll tell the Easter egg the moment July hits. If anyone found it, share it with everyone else.


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An interesting idea. The controls felt a little weird, but I did end up getting the hang of it. The colour mechanic was interesting and was a nice interpretation of the theme. However, I don't think it was explained well enough and the colours were a bit too similar for liking; At times it was hard tell which colour I needed to use to progress.

The music was nice enough, no real complaints there.

As for Geometricness, everything was a square or a rectangle so 5/5 there.

I will end by saying I got soft locked by getting stuck in a wall. Bugs happen, but still quiet annoying.

Overall, not a bad game considering the time constraints.

Thanks for your feedback. For one, yes. The controls are weird and it was really difficult to get the hang at the start. The game was made in rush and I had very little time to playtest the game. The colors were... yes, too similar. My brain didn't fully confirm and say that it is good thanks to the time constraint. 

Thanks for your compliment on the music and geometricness. Yes, everything is made out of square and rectangle, including the particles when the player lands, if you see it closely.  The music was made in 20 minutes, getting reference in all of other musics I have made. 

Sorry for the soft lock. It was unintentional. I'm unsure where it happened, but I'll probably not fix it since I'm no longer interacting with the game. 

Thank you for the comment. :D