This is another experimental game made for a game jam hosted by my friend. The theme is Infection.

You play as a mad scientist, testing the Z Virus that would turn humans into zombies. You'll be given a gas of Z Virus, spreading on a certain circle to spread it around. Once it's done, watch the show and take a look at the statistics.

There are 5 different labs the player can access with each lab containing a random of 50 people with their own names. 

The game is nothing more than an experimental game of using Navigation2D on Godot. It's nothing too much here.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move the camera

Left Mouse Button to spread the virus for the first time.


All assets except sound effects and music made by TheGamer

Background Music - Zombie Rag:

Zombie Sound Effects - Zombie Noises and Moans :

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