This game is made for the Whisker Jam.

In this game, you play as a cat who goes into the dungeon to kill the impossible big fish. But be weary! You can't go back as you progressed. What choice you made is in history. There's no going back.

Controls: Only using left mouse button

Music used:


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I have to say I love the graphics of this game! The music was very nice too :)

As for the gameplay, I'm impressed of what you were able to accomplish in just 7 days. I had fun and I'm sure this could be expanded into an even larger game in the future!

The cover art was just amazing, definitely makes you want to play the game! And nice job on the different cats for the player to choose from :)

Keep it up!


Simple concept with nice character artwork, it could do with a few more animations to show the actions being done to bring it to life a little more would be my suggestion.

Thanks. If there was more time, I could've asked my friend to work on the game. However, he was busy and I have very little time to finish it. I'm the only programmer fully working on this game, as well as creating the UI and the game design. I didn't have time to get those visuals fully polished. 

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I didn't Fully understand the game,the game is really confusing the graphics is not that good, and after a while it becomes boring, expecialy because of the long time taking for each turn and the lack of interesting animations. i hope you rework the project and make it something better, plus it doesn't fit the theme at all

P.s Try something more original, the map was a direct copy of the one from inscription.


Agreed.  The wait time was painful.  And then it takes away 1/20th of the enemies life

What's inscription?

cmon man, i know you know 😅

Yes, I know what Inscription is after I googled it 7 hours ago.