This is a submission to Brackeys 7 Game Jam with the theme, "It Is Not Real".

Hello! I've made a movie, Alive. And this is a game adaptation of it. Hope you enjoy it! :D

Yes, this is more of a joke game. 

Note: If you're experiencing lag from playing the HTML5, download the exe file instead.


A - Move left

D - Move right

Space - Jump


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Brackeys 20 MB


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the end wasn't that shocking, but the gameplay was really solid, the enemy placement was kinda challenging by the end, and even then I managed to reach the end with all the colectables... just not sure what their purpose was though. great game still.

amazing game
i love that post processing effect it surly felt like a old tv

Amazing work! I had to die few times to reach the end, no wonder I was dead, haha. Congrats!

Great game man! I loved this style and the ending is a surprise.